Grass Cut


Let our professionals cut your lawn!

  • Includes edging, weed whacking, and hard surfaces blown clean.
  • Clippings are either mulched or removed based on city ordinances.
  • Receive before, during, and after photos as proof of service.
  • Turnaround time for is 3-5 business days (weather permitting)

If you have more than 1 acre of land or don’t know the size of your property, contact us with your address and we’ll quickly email you back an estimate.

If you end up having more serviceable yard than what you’ve purchased, we’ll send you a visual measurement along with an invoice for the difference.

Grass cutting available in Lake, Geauga and Cuyahoga County only.

Yard Size Price
0-10,000 sqft $45.00
10,001-20,000 sqft $50.00
20,001-25,000 sqft $55.00
25,001-30,000 sqft $60.00
30,001-35,000 sqft $65.00
35,001-43,560 sqftsqft $75.00